Logistics servicesA range of extended skills

Astor Industrie offers a range of extended skills. These encompass the entire packaging line and even go beyond, because we are also able to advise on the design and optimisation of your industrial equipment or even your process.

The logistics services we offer are:

Reception of carriers, computerised clearance of orders

The activity of reception of carriers and computerised clearance of orders consists of:
– Receiving drivers (and visitors if applicable)
– Preparing loading files
– Flow planning and management
– Preparing shipping documents
– Customs operations
– Proceeding to computerised destocking of products

Packaging and inventory management

This activity involves packaging of a product according to a specification developed in collaboration with our clients to ensure the quality of the finished product.
Depending on the type of product being packaged, the packaging can take various forms: FFS sleeve bags, paper bags, drums, IBCs, big bags, octabins.


Inventory management consists of storing various packaged products in an organised, efficient and suitable manner and controlling its management


This activity consists of loading a bulk or packaged product in accordance with the loading instructions specified in an order while respecting the specifications established in collaboration with our clients.


This activity consists of performing preventive and corrective maintenance of industrial facilities placed under our responsibility.


The objective is to ensure that machinery, equipment and tools meet the needs of our specifications and allow for provision of a compliant product.


This activity may also include the management and supply of equipment spare parts placed under our responsibility Our maintenance service is fully variabilised, it is included in the Euro-ton price billed for the packaging activity.


We are committed to our clients to ensure:
-maximum reliability of the machines that we operate
-a competitive yield.
-detailed periodic reporting

Consulting-expertise and project management

Our experience of industrial sites has allowed us to gain expertise in full knowledge of the packaging market and handling.  Today, the Astor Industrie team is able to develop solutions to meet the specific needs of its clients.


Our team supports you in your projects. We advise you at every step of the packaging line (from the reception of the carriers up to their departure) offering you organisational expertise.


After a period of observation and through our own design department, we advise you in optimising your logistics system. This may be within the framework of the Astor team placement in your factory or simply in optimising your current organization.


Depending on the projects and client-partner’s needs, Astor Industrie offers either technical support for project management or direct investment on behalf of its client-partner in production equipment.

Our business scope is constantly evolving to meet the needs of our customers and anticipate market developments. Together, see beyond!