Safety & QualityAstor is committed

ISO and MASE Certification





The MASE-UIC repository signed on 20 December 2007 has been applicable since 1 September 2009. With the existence of the two systems generating unnecessary complexity, the merger enabled the creation of a single, simple management system.
This repository is a safety management system whose main goal is the continuous improvement of the Health Safety & Environment (HSE) performance of businesses.


It is based on five key pillars:
-Management commitment
-Staff competence and professional qualification
-Preparation and organisation of work
-Continuous improvement

Astor Industrie obtained MASE certification in March 2004, and it was renewed for 3 years on 22 May 2014.


Our certification gives assurance to our clients that Astor Industrie is able to meet their safety requirements and strengthens our investment in the areas of Safety, Health and Environment.


The establishment and application of a BSIP (Business Safety Insurance Plan) represent our commitment to constant progress in order to ensure the safety of people, our equipment and our clients’ facilities.
This defines the basic rules for safety, health and environment which we are committed to respect and ensure compliance by our staff and any subcontractors.

HSEQ Policy

Our policy on Safety, Health, Environmental protection and Quality management is based on the following principles:


  • Enhancing the quality of overall performance: targeting 0 default by controlling and eliminating non-compliances with any corrective and preventive actions.
  • Following-up on our staff training
  • Our ability to meet the needs of our clients and regulatory requirements.
  • The total engagement of our staff in:
    • Respect for materials made available
    • Strict application of our operating instructions
    • Recovery from incidents and dangerous situations
  • Cleanliness and storage of our operating areas.
  • Continuous improvement of the system and HSEQ performance.
  • Prevention in the fight against the use of alcohol and drugs.
  • Preserving the physical integrity of personnel: maintaining 0 loss accidents. Right of withdrawal for staff in the event of uncontrolled risk.
  • The quality of services provided to our clients.
  • The commitment to limit the calling on support staff within the limits of their leadership capacity.
  • Implementation of the means necessary for implementation of this policy.